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Eliana Redfield
Medium: Movies
Fandom: Resident Evil
Subject: Claire Redfield
Title: Echoes of Angels [EP]
Notes: This is set in both Extinction and Afterlife, because it's fairly general in the fact it focuses on Claire's personality more than actual plot from the films..  Organized from slow to fast because the genre is a little all over the place.


i. second child, restless child || the oh hellos
see, i was born the second child
with a spirit running wild, running free
and they saw trouble in my eyes
they were quick to recognize the devil in me

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

ii. generator (second floor) || freelance whales
we will put this flesh into the ground again

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

iii. breaking || anberlin
do you collect the souls you've lost
in the top of your dresser drawer?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

iv. everything you want || vertical horizon
but under skinned knees and the skid marks
past the places where you used to learn
you howl and listen
listen and wait for the
echoes of angels who won't return

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

v. titanium || boyce avenue
you shoot me down but i won't fall
i am titanium

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

vi. what if || meg & dia
not scared
i know you thought i was shaking fast in my own two shoes
but these soles could fight the ocean waves,
dirty laundry, and world war ii

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

vii. 27 || fall out boy
i want it so bad
i'd shoot the sunshine into my veins
i can't remember
the good old days

Eliana Redfield
Medium: Movies
Fandom: Resident Evil
Subject: Claire Redfield/Alice Abernathy
Title: The Distance From 'A' to Where You'd Be
Warnings: Angst.  Lots of it.
Notes: The first part of the mix takes place during RE: Extinction.  The songs after the XXX divider take place after Claire and the others leave in the helicopter and Alice stays behind.

I. awake my soul || mumford & sons (alice)
lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all
but lend me your heart and i'll just let you fall

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

II. heavy in your arms || florence & the machine (both)
my love has concrete feet
my love's an iron ball
wrapped around your ankles
over the waterfall

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

III. i'm not human at all || sleep party people (alice)
it's not your fault.
it's my own fault.
i'm not human at all
i have no heart

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

IV. bad sun || the bravery (claire)
i don't know what's wrong with us
they just made us this way
there's a hole in you and me
that pulls us together

and i don't know where we belong
i think we grew under a bad sun
i know we're not like everyone
you and me we grew, under a bad sun

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

V. reprobate romance || blacklisted me (claire)
you're just like drawing scars
and leaving hope to bleed
so if we fall apart
will i ever haunt your dreams?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

VI. like the dawn || the oh hellos (alice)
you were the brightest shade of sun i had ever seen
your skin was gilded with the gold of the richest kings
and like the dawn you woke the world inside of me
you were the brightest shade of sun when i saw you

and you will surely be the death of me

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

VII. ghosts that we knew || mumford & sons (both)
so give me hope in the darkness that i will see the light
'cause oh that gave me such a fright
but i will hold as long as you like
just promise me we'll be alright


VIII. a perfect sonnet || bright eyes (claire)
but once you knew a girl and you named her lover
and danced with her in kitchens through the greenest summer
autumn came
she disappeared
 you can't remember
where she said she said she was going to
but you know that she's gone
'cause she left you a song
that you don't want to sing

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

IX. the mess i made || parachute (alice)
should've kissed you there
i should've held your face
i should've watched those eyes
instead of run in place
i should've called you out
i should've said your name
i should've turned around
i should've looked again

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

X. set the fire to the third bar || snow patrol (both)
i find the map and draw a straight line
over rivers, farms, and state lines
the distance from 'a' to where you'd be
it's only finger-lengths that i see
i touch the place where i'd find your face
my finger in creases of distant dark places

Eliana Redfield

Medium: TV

Fandom: Batman: The Animated Series

Subject: Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy

Title: Is This More Than You Bargained for Yet?

Warnings: Lots of angst, maybe some ~language

Notes: Okay, I'm going to be honest and say I've only seen a few episodes of this show.  But I love Harley and Ivy's relationship.  So much.  This mix focuses on how Harley always goes back to her Mistah J, no matter what, and how Ivy (who is hopelessly in love with her, of course) feels being constantly left behind.  Part one is Ivy's POV, part two is Harley's.  Cover art made by ArtNerdEm on Deviantart.


Part One:

I. sugar, we're going down || fall out boy

is this more than you bargained for yet?
oh, don't mind me, i'm watching you two from the closet
wishing to be the friction in your jeans
isn't it messed up, how i'm just dying to be him?
i'm just a notch in your bedpost but you're just a line in a song

~ * ~

II. delilah || the dresden dolls

cause if you take him back
i'm gonna lose my nerve
he's gonna beat you like a pillow
you schizos never learn
and if you take him home
you'll get what you deserve

~ * ~

III. winning a battle, losing the war || kings of convenience

even though i'm not her minder
even though she doesn't want me around
i am on my feet to find her
to make sure that she is safe and sound

~ * ~

IV. face down || red jumpsuit apparatus

hey, girl, you know you drive me crazy
one look puts the rhythm in my head
still i'll never understand why you hang around
i see what's going down

cover up with makeup in the mirror
tell yourself, it's never gonna happen again
you cry alone and then he swears he loves you

~ * ~

V. eyes as candles || passion pit

why do i always seem to need you when you're fleeing?
where do you go when i'm around?

~ * ~

VI. white blank page || mumford & sons

but tell me now where was my fault, in loving you with my whole heart?

~ * ~

VII. heartbreak warfare || john mayer

drop his name
push it in and twist the knife again
watch my face
as i pretend to feel no pain

~ * ~

VIII. it’s cool, we can still be friends || bright eyes

yeah, you even sleep over sometimes
but we stay in our clothes
i'm only there so you're not alone

~ * ~

IX. fuck was i || jenny owen youngs

love tears me up like a demon
opens the wounds, then fills them with lead
and i'm having some trouble just breathing
if  we weren't such good friends i think that i'd hate you
if we weren't such good friends i'd wish you were dead

Part Two:

I. awake my soul || mumford & sons

lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all
but lend me your heart and i'll just let you fall

~ * ~

II. lewis takes off his shirt || owen pallett

 what i have is what you need
and i'm never gonna give it to you

~ * ~

III. madder red || yeasayer

i turn away just when you want me
and i know that home is where you want me
there's not much for me there

~ * ~

IV. a little less sixteen candles, a little more "touch me" || fall out boy

write me off, give up on me
'cause darling, what did you expect?
i'm just off a lost cause
a long shot, don't even take this bet

~ * ~

V. faith (when i let you down) || taking back sunday

but, when i let you down
look past your doubt
just please, please
don't lose your faith in me
please, don't lose your faith in me

~ * ~

VI. all i ever wanted || the airborne toxic event

and i can tell you that you're all i've ever wanted dear
through the din of your breathing while you're sleeping here
you wake and you ask me if i'm gonna be here forever, forever, forever

your face so twisted and your eyes alight
i wanna tell you i can change you when you cry at night
but i'd be lying

~ * ~

VII. bored of your love || meg & dia

do you really feel like this love is real?
i wish i could join you

~ * ~

VIII. three cheers for five years (acoustic) || mayday parade

i know you want me to want you, i want to

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Eliana Redfield
12 November 2011 @ 03:24 pm
Title: Zygomatic Arch

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Rating: PG

Pairing(s): Kate Todd/Maura Isles

Summary: Kate Todd, Maura Isles, and a discussion about lipstick and facial bones.

Disclaimer: I don’t own either show.  I wouldn’t be broke if I did.

Author’s Notes: So…this was kind of like writing clone-romance or something.  It was fun though.

Speaking of clones―is having sex with your clone incest or masturbation?  This is a serious question.


Maura stepped up to the sinks in the small bathroom of the bar, checking her hair.  A woman was standing in front of the mirror, her lips puckered as she applied a fresh coat of lipstick.  Maura studied the other woman and said casually, “That’s a good color for you.  It brings out your eyes and your zygomatic arch.”

There was a short, soft laugh and the woman turned to face her, capping the lipstick, “My…what?” She didn’t sound frustrated like some people would have, though.  Instead, she was just amused, her hazel eyes glimmering in the dim light.

“Your cheekbones,” Maura explained, blushing slightly.  She hated having to explain herself like this.  People thought she was weird enough as it was, and having to explain the things she said all the time only seemed to make it worse.

The dark-haired woman smiled slightly, running a curious finger over her own cheekbones, “You really think so?  It’s one of my favorites.”

Maura smiled in return, feeling somewhat less embarrassed, “Yes, I really think so.”  She paused for a second or two then decided that, since she had complimented the woman’s zygomatic arch, she should at least introduce herself, “My name is Maura.”

“Kate,” The woman responded, extending a hand.  Maura shook it, feeling the soft warmth of Kate’s skin against her own.  It was bizarre but Maura didn’t particularly dislike the faint electric shocks that buzzed under her skin. 

After Maura released Kate’s hand, she decided that maybe she should take it a step farther, “Can I buy you a drink?”

“I think I’d like that, Maura.  I think I’d like that a lot.”
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Eliana Redfield
Medium: TV

Fandom: Glee

Subject: Rachel Berry

Title: More than a Small Town

Warnings: None

Notes: I’m really proud of this mix.


I. new york state of mind || barbra streisand

but i know what i’m needin’
and i don’t wanna waste any more time
i’m in a new york state of mind

~ * ~

II. please, please, please let me get what i want || the smiths

so for once in my life
let me get what i want
lord knows it would be the first time

~ * ~

III. oh no || marina and the diamonds

one track mind, one track heart
if i fail, i’ll fall apart
maybe it is all a test
cause i feel like i’m the worst
so i act like i’m the best

~ * ~

IV. how much? || meg & dia

how hard should i fall
before it's my turn to be heard?
how much pain should i show on my face
before you listen to a word?
how bad should I hurt?
how much is enough?


V. the fame || lady gaga

i can't help myself
i'm addicted to a life of material
it's some kind of joke
i’m obsessively opposed to the typical
don't ask me how or why
but i'm gonna make it happen this time
my teenage dream tonight

~ * ~

VI. skyscraper || demi lovato

go on and try to tear me down
i will be rising from the ground
like a skyscraper

~ * ~

VII. vienna || billy joel

slow down, you crazy child
you’re so ambitious for a juvenile

~ * ~

VIII. the one || meg & dia

you’re more than a small town
you’re more than a small soul

-Comments are love.
-Feel free to let me know if there's a faulty link.
Eliana Redfield

Medium: TV

Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles

Subject: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles

Title: Ask My Girl to Dance

Warnings: Angst

Notes: Jane is in love with Maura.  Maura is in love with Jane.  They both think it’s unrequited.  Angst all-around.  I left it open about which song is from whose point-of-view.  Interpret things how you will.  Also, I hate using the same artist more than once in a mix.  But Bright Eyes has so many fitting lyrics.


Where you been, is something wrong?Collapse )

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Eliana Redfield
12 July 2011 @ 09:18 pm
I was rewatching the Boston Strangler Redux, and this just...happened.  Feel free to use anywhere as long as you credit!

Bigger version under the cutCollapse )
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Eliana Redfield
Title: The Morning After

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Humor, Fluff

Pairings: Jane/Maura

Summary: Angela has a tendency to walk in on Jane at the worst possible times.

Disclaimer: If I owned it, would I be writing fic for it? Probably, but I don't own it.

Author's Notes: This was inspired by various comments on LJ about how Angela's reaction would have differed had she walked in on Jane and Maura the morning after instead of Jane and Army Guy.


'Sunlight wafted through the curtains. It leaked through Jane's eyelids, and she curled against the warm body next to her. Blonde curls tickled her cheeks and her shoulders, and a strong arm was wrapped comfortably around her hips.'Collapse )
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Eliana Redfield
Title: In Which Maura Overanalyzes Zombies

Rating: PG-13 for Jane's swearing

Genre: Humor, Fluff

Pairing: Jane/Maura, Maura/Logic

Summary: Jane and Maura watch zombie movies. Discussions about reanimated corpses ensue.

Disclaimer: If I owned them, would I be writing fic for them? Probably, but I don't own them.

Author's Notes: I read The Zombie Survival Guide and I couldn't resist. Don't tell me you've never wondered about the corpses in autopsy reanimating!

…That's just me? Damn.


"What would you do if one of your dead bodies decided to come back to life?"Collapse )
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Eliana Redfield
Medium: TV

Fandom: Rizzoli & Isles

Subject: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles

Title: (I See) Your Face in Every Star

Warnings: Enough fluff to give you cavities

Notes: All of this takes place pre-finale. So, there’s not really any angst here. Just a lot of insane fluffiness.

Also, this is for my girlfriend. Happy four-month-anniversary, baby!


You won’t find heart and soul in the starsCollapse )
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